Napoleon Harris is a strong leader in times of difficult uncertainty. Growing up, he lived through and surmounted the severe uncertainties of poverty and lack of opportunity. Napoleon Harris charted a new path to success for young people from his community, by showing how hard work and a caring community can transform their future from hopelessness to boundless potential. He worked hard at Thornton Township High School to become an honors student and despite his family’s low-income he never saw himself as poor but rather fortunate to have parents who encouraged him to aim for the stars. Their richness in spirit and hope was enough to help him earn a football scholarship to Northwestern University where he earned a B.S. in Communications and a postgraduate certificate in entrepreneurship from the Kellogg School of Business. Napoleon left Northwestern University as a first-round draft pick to the National Football League.

Harris founded the Napoleon Harris Foundation to help meet the physical, social and educational needs of our youth. Then, confronted by the reality of hardship, poverty and lack of opportunities in his community, he provided jobs for local workers by opening small businesses that continue to thrive right here in the Southland. In 2012, Napoleon ran for the Illinois state senate to have a greater impact on the working families from where he grew up. As a state senator Napoleon has lifted his voice and his vote in support of working families who may struggle to make ends meet but never fail to do the right thing at work, in their schools and in their neighborhoods. Napoleon demonstrated his commitment to these families when he voted to protect our seniors from fraud and abuse while ensuring their rights to age with dignity. Napoleon stood with working families against draconian cuts by voting to restore childcare services and to raise the minimum wage so that hard work actually pays for the people who are willing to do it. Napoleon also voted for key criminal justice reforms that ensure justice in sentencing and provide second chance opportunities for former prisoners reentering society. As a parent, Napoleon realizes the importance of strong STEM education programs and is a fighter for quality education for all Illinois children. That’s why he voted to increase education funding that would help close achievement gaps. For Napoleon, it was a quality education that made the positive difference in his life.

Now, Napoleon Harris is running for United States Senator because Illinois needs a leader who can articulate the needs of all its residents; a leader who will envision a shared mission where all people have a chance at achieving their dreams and no one is left behind. Napoleon Harris is that leader for Illinois.

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